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For us, it was never the pursuit purely to have the world's thinnest mechanical watch. Rather, the goal was to bring that same daring, innovation and finesse that has made us a leader in the ladies' and jewelry sector to the world of men's watches. It dawned on us that our advantage is that we are Italian. All our watches and their components are made in Switzerland but from a design perspective, as an Italian company, we are much more open than the Swiss.Replica Tag Heuer Watches We draw inspiration from Italian architecture, from fashion, from cinema, from the automotive world and from the very landscape of our home city, Rome, which is so beautiful. We decided we wanted to express the two very Italian qualities of strength and elegance in a bold and groundbreaking manner.

2014: Octo Finissimo Mechanical Hand-wound

Buonamassa, Replica Tag Heuer Watches's design director, explains, The objective of thinness was not arrived at in isolation. After all, there are many brands that have been associated with ultra-thin watches, especially in the 20th century. The objective was to enhance this dynamic tension, this unique proposition between having a watch that was, when viewed straight on, very muscular and even aggressive, yet when you turned it on its side, it was really surprising in how thin it was. I wanted, as Jean-Christophe expressed, to bring something to watches that the world had never seen in terms of this proposition.

But this objective of dynamic tension between bold and thin necessitated Replica Tag Heuer Watches to push the technical envelope in every component of the Octo Finissimo. Says Babin,Rolex Air King Replica The Octo Finissimo was only possible because we own our movement maker, dial maker, casemaker [and] bracelet maker, as it would be impossible to convince outside suppliers to make the effort we needed.

The Octo Finissimo Petite Seconds in rose gold, with hour markers that are galvanically grown and then transferred to the dial