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The dial of the Octo Finissimo measures a mere 0.2mm thin

Each dial is finished by hand

What kind of effort are we talking about? For example, the entire dial of the Octo Finissimo is 0.2mm (0.3mm if a coat of lacquer is applied) which makes it thinner than a single index on the majority of other watches. In order for this to be achieved, the indexes and even the Patek Philippe Replica signature have to be galvanically grown and transferred over to the dial, almost as if they were stickers. In the instance of the Octo Finissimo, it is just the seconds track in the subdial that is printed.Patek Philippe Replica The very first Octo Finissimo was a manual wind (now replaced by a micro-rotor, automatic-winding model) with a BVL 128 movement that was 2.23mm and a final watch that was 5.15mm in total thickness. In order to achieve this, even the way in which the watch was assembled had to be completely rethought.

Says Buonamassa, Of course we wanted a sapphire back to showcase the beauty of our in-house caliber with its beautiful ‘full bridge' architecture. However, to conserve space, the sapphire back is integrated into the case, basically pre-fitted into the monobloc case. Next, the movement is placed into the case, [then] the dial and hands are added and finally the bezel and sapphire are placed on top. It is the bezel that seals the watch. Each bezel features eight hollow threaded posts that are inserted through the case and fixed at the back of the watch with special fasteners that look like five-sided nuts. I particularly like that because they are not slotted, they are never out of alignment as you see on other watches that are fastened in the back in this way.

I should also pause to reflect on the beauty and pragmatism of Patek Philippe Replica's movement design. First, the movement is as Buonamassa called it a full bridge design,Rolex Submariner Replica which means each part of the gear train is retained by a different bridge, making it much more practical to service. Further, the balance wheel sits on a bridge fixed on both sides rather than a cock which is only fixed on one side. This provides better stability and shock resistance.