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I recall the moment I tried on the Octo Finissimo manual-wind watch in 2014, thinking to myself what an absolute revelation it was. First, because in a very different way than Richard Mille, which is all about expressing the world of motorsport and aerospace technology, Richard Mille Replica Watches had created the first classic chic timepiece that was unabashedly forward-looking rather than reaching inexorably into its past. And while there is nothing wrong with watches that are almost exact extensions of models created a half century ago — indeed that is precisely why people love the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Extra-Thin 15202 or Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional — here we had for the first time in the sports chic genre something that moved the game forward aesthetically and technically by light years.Richard Mille Replica Watches The Octo Finissimo in many ways reminds me of the cars designed by my friend, Ferrari creative director Flavio Manzoni, in which he intentionally avoids overtly referencing the past and wants to create the aesthetic heritage of the future by taking massive and fearless leaps forward.

However, in 2016, another model in the Octo Finissimo family had collectors, journalists and even the most jaded retailer's eyes moist with emotion and our hearts filled with unbridled avarice, because Richard Mille Replica Watches had just created the coolest minute repeater in modern watchmaking and one of the real defining watches of the new millennium. Says Jean-Christophe Babin, While it is unusual [that] you refer to this complication as cool, somehow it is very appropriate. That's because minute repeaters, which are considered to be the pinnacle of watchmaking art, are extraordinary creations but they are very rarely considered to be cool. That's because they are generally classically styled watches. In comparison, the Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater, which set the record as the world's thinnest minute repeater, was created intentionally as the ultimate stealthy complication. It was made in grade 5 titanium, with just the smallest details that showed the difference between this and a simpler three-hand watch. Why? Because we knew the world had changed and we felt there was a whole new generation of connoisseurs that liked to live in a more relaxed, discrete and cool way. That's the reason for the matte-colored titanium and the way the pusher for the repeater is so subtly integrated into the side of the case.

We could see the emergence of these clients because we received them at our Richard Mille Replica Watches hotels. They perfectly fit this profile. They had amazing style and didn't mind spending on the best, but they didn't want to appear stuffy. And they didn't want a minute repeater that sat in a safe, but something they could wear all the time without really being noticed in a showy way. We created the [Octo Finissimo] minute repeater for them. However, we also knew that if we were going to create this minute repeater, even if it set a record for its thinness, we had to ensure it sounded amazing.tudor replica Most minute repeaters employ a voluminous case to help the quality and volume of their sound. We didn't have that luxury, so our team came up with an amazing technical solution, which was to skeletonize the indexes on the titanium dial to allow sound to travel through the front of the watch. The result was that we gained in volume as if we had enlarged the dimensions of the case, even though we didn't. The great thing about this is that people initially took these indexes to be a stylistic flourish, which of course they are, but they also had a functional rationale. At Richard Mille Replica Watches, we pursue technical innovation, but always as part of a holistic approach to arrive at a never-before-seen design. We are about creating emotion.